Introduction to Web Development

We browse tens of web pages every day! But many of us do not know what the structure of these pages is? How is it programmed? Our second session in TechWeek Bootcamp will be in "How to develop websites using HTML"!

Jan 11, 2021, 5:06 – 6:51 PM



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What will we learn? |

1- What is HTML?

2- Why we Use HTML?

3- Fle Structured.

4- Tag in HTML.

5- HTML Syntax.

6- Header Tag.

7- HTML Lsts.

8- Image Tag.

9- Anker Tag.

10- Table.


  • Mohamad Al-Ahmar

    GDSC Lead

  • Fatima Alattas

    GDSC advisor

  • rahaf_ mosalli

    Activity management leader

  • Anas Almehmadi

    Activity management co-leader

  • Shahd Alsaleh

    Member affairs leader

  • wael saif


    Member affairs co-leader

  • Hassan Bahathiq

    Media team leader

  • Abdulrahman Osama

    Public relations leader

  • Abdullah Alghamdi

    Organization team leader

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