We are hosting M. Ampire / GDG Member / Android Senior Developer

Tue, Jan 4, 2022, 6:00 PM (WAT)

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About this event

Kotlin is increasingly becoming a favorite programming language among Android developers. Despite Java’s overwhelmingly widespread popularity as the go-to platform for Android app development, Kotlin has emerged as a powerful alternative. Java remains a significant coding language for developing Android apps. Yet Kotlin is making remarkable inroads across the app development industry. Both Java and Kotlin are now official languages for Android.

In this event, we will talk about the most striking advantages of using Kotlin over Java for Android app development. From easy learning to the code structure to accuracy, the benefits span across a wide spectrum. Keep scrolling to dive deeper.

Key Advantages of Kotlin-based Android App Development

More and more developers are choosing Kotlin over Java. Kotlin compiles to the same byte code as Java and can interoperate with Java in natural ways. Despite the familiarity and reliability that Java offer, a growing number of Android app developers are shifting to Kotlin for its more advanced features. Here’s a list of the most striking ones.

1. Shorter & simpler coding

2. Compatibility with Java

3. Null reference elimination

4. Solution to Java’s flaws

5. Cross-platform app development




Tuesday, Jan 4
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (WAT)