Basic Night

2-day fun night of coding from 26th to 27th of December. You will be exposed to some Google technology such as Google Firebase and Google Colab. You will also learn how to use Git / Github to manage your own repository and ease for team project.

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About this event

Basic Night is a 2 days event to introduce participants with some fundamental knowledge about Colab, Python, Git and Firebase. 

Day 1: Introduction to Google Colab and Python Basic I

- What is Google Colab?

- Import Google Drive in Colab


- Python Basic I ( data type, declaring variable, tuple, list, list operation, list function)

- Python Basic II (exception handling, looping, condition statement)

Day 2: Introduction to Git / Github

- Introduction of Github

- Basic Linux Commands

- Configuration of Git

- Create, add and commit files in a local repository and push to remote repository (init, add, push, pull, commit, log)

- Restore modified files in staging area / Restore files from history commit

- Introduction to Markdown

Day 2: Introduction to Firebase

- Introduce the Firebase technology

- Introduce types of databases used in Firebase

- Teach the audience about the basic CRUD functions in the realtime database with Javascript.

- Exercise session (To-Do-List)


December 26 - 27
8:30 PM (+08)