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All the Web development enthusiasts where are you at :eyes: we are writing to inform you that we are going to have a web development series for the upcoming two weeks :fire: Starting with a HTML workshop this Monday , 15th of January from 7:00PM to 9PM Online

Jan 15, 6:00 – 9:00 PM



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About this event

We are calling all web wizards! Buckle up for a 2-week web dev bootcamp starting this Monday at 7 PM online!

First stop: HTML workshop! Learn to build awesome websites, one tag at a time. Think digital Legos, but way cooler!

Over the next two weeks, we'll conquer CSS, and JavaScript, and maybe even summon dragons with code! (Okay, maybe not dragons, but cool stuff for sure.)

So grab your laptops, put on your coding cape, and join the party!

Spread the word like wildfire (but please, use proper indentation), and let's make this the most epic online coding adventure ever! ✨

See you there, champions! May your code be clean, your bugs be few, and your pixels be perfect!


  • maram abdallah

    Code First Girls

    GDSC Lead

  • Amir Azib


  • Souari Houssem


  • Imen Kenza Chouaieb

    Head of human resources

  • sinen fradj

    Head of Marketing and Communication

  • Adem Maatallah

    Head of Internal Events

  • Nourchene Arroubi

    Head of External Relations

  • Gayth Hajji

    Head of Logistics and External Events

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