Flutter Session 2

Come and join us in a 2-part highly interactive session where you will become a published Flutter Web App developer, while building Flutter apps targeting the Web and deploying them to the Google Cloud via Firebase Hosting!

Jan 8, 2023, 8:00 – 9:30 PM



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Part 2:

- Create a Firebase account

- Create a Firebase Cloud Firestore database to store your data

- Consume your data through your Flutter Web App

- Deploy your Flutter Web app to the Google Cloud


a) Download and installing the Flutter framework (https://docs.flutter.dev/get-started/install)

b) Have NPM package manager installed on your machine (https://nodejs.org/en/download/)

c) Have VS code installed on your machine (https://code.visualstudio.com/)

Roman Jaquez, Flutter GDE, Google Certified Cloud Architect and prolific multi-platform app developer will lead the session.

Raffles among attendees for those who complete the task at hand - come and code along with us!


  • Roman Jaquez

    Philipse health system

    Sr. Software Development Engineer


  • Rahul Chaudhari

    GDSC Lead

  • Hana Sheto

    Truman State University

    Vice President

  • Shibam Pokhrel

    Tech Lead

  • Saron Gebremichael

    Partnership and Finance Manager

  • Aniedi Udo-Obong

    Regional Leader

  • Upendra Chapagain

    Event Manager

  • Marcia Humphreys

    Social Media Manager

  • Aditya Shah


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