Empowering Future GDSC Leader: Leading with Purpose and Passion

Binus International University Fx Sudirman Campus, Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta Pusat, 10270

Trisakti University - Jakarta, Indonesia

Learn from past leaders at are now working in the industry and also current leads that will give you some tips and tricks on how to answer all of the essays, make your pitch video, and also pass your interview. Not only that, this is an collaborative event by 13 universities, so you can also use this event as an opportunity to make new friends and broaden your circle.

May 6, 2023, 2:00 – 5:00 AM

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Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Empowering Future GDSC Leader “Leading with Purpose and Passion” by GDSC Jabodetabek is Coming!

Hello, Students and GDSC Lead Candidates from Jabodetabek!

GDSC leaders are passionate about helping their peers learn technology and connect and get programs running. Leads are undergraduate or graduate students pursuing various degrees

We are proud to announce that 13 Google Developer Student Clubs from Greater Jakarta have gathered to host the Empowering Future GDSC Leader🎉🙌 Join us in this GRAND collaboration✨ to learn more about becoming the next GDSC lead, share the process, and network with other potential leads from various universities 👥.

Here are the things we have prepared to help you on your way to becoming the next lead:

👉The first session was "Valuable Lessons Learned from Real-world GDSC Lead Experience". This sharing session was filled in by previous GDSC leads to share their experiences in becoming leads and what challenges there are each year.

👉The second session took the theme "Pathway to Become a GDSC Leader". This session was filled in by leads who had passed and explained to the next prospective leads how to answer questions and make application videos.

Event Details :

📅 Date: Saturday, May 6, 2023

🕐 Time: 8.30 - 12.35

📌 Place: Auditorium of Binus International University

Limited seats. Register now to get this amazing opportunity!

🔗Registration link:


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  • Muh Isfhani Ghiath


    Senior Software Engineer

  • Qassandra Chaidir

    E-Commerce System Engineer

  • Adam Rozaq Sobari

    Developer Stundent Club Gunadarma University

    Lead DSC Gunadarma University

  • Fachridan Tio Mu'afa

    Android Developer @ Amanah Corp. (Toyota-Astra Motor)

    GDG Co-Organizer @ GDG Jakarta

  • Faiz Authar

    GDSC Universitas Gunadarma

    Lead 2022

  • Stephanie Staniswinata

    Binus International

    GDSC Lead


  • Farhan Fadillah Harahap

    GDSC Lead

  • Radea Aji Prasojo

    Co Lead

  • Adrian Maulana Yusup

    Human Resource Lead

  • Muhammad Hasan Husein

    Event Lead

  • Albihan Rido

    Networking Lead

  • Gaga Putra B

    Curriculum Lead

  • Cindy Aurelia R

    Brand Design Lead

  • Adrian Alfajri

    Trisakti University


  • Debby arsndi


  • Fahmi Muhammad


  • Adrian Halim


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