Explore ML with CrowdSource: Intro to ML

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⚙️ What is ML Study Jam?⚙️

ML Study Jam provides you a roadmap of Machine learning with introducing you to the world of Data science. This gives you an overview of Python, Data visualization, Pandas and many more to help you kickstart your ML journey.

Let's deep dive into ML, put learning into practice, get access to useful resources & contribute to Crowdsource! 

👉ML Study Session -1 | Explore ML with Crowdsource :

Explore ML with Crowdsource workshops are live sessions where participants learn theoretical concepts and hands-on exercises using Crowdsource app with the help of a facilitator.

We'll start with the Beginner Track as most of us are new to ML.

Beginner Track includes:

--> Modules on key ML Concepts

--> Crowdsource Task Illustration

--> Workshop participation certificate awarded by Google Crowdsource 

Let's explore ML together!!

See you there :-)