Machine learning Exploration

Thebes Academy
Fri, Sep 10, 2021, 9:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Hey there ✨!

You probably always wonder about how do Facebook algorithms work 🧑‍💻?
 Who is this guy who reads all my messages, hears every thought and sends me the right ads that start popping everywhere😮? 

The answer to all this is simply "Machine Learning 🦿🦾". 

We proudly announce that we are commencing a Machine Learning track and it's happening THIS MONTH✨😌! 
ML is a subset of Artificial Intelligence 🦾. 

~Can I apply?
 YOU CAN, the track is already designed for beginners to explore the fascinating world of both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning💪. 

~Learning aspects? 
  On this track, you’ll learn all about the  concept of ML, to clearly understand how these algorithms work beside implementing it yourself on Google cloud platform )💯.

 ALSO🤝, you are getting a free access to GCP as well as Qwiklabs during the track🤓💙.

   It's okay if you are but let's mention the perks of joining the track🤝😌✨:
- A Certificate for you attendance📜. 
- Qwiklabs badges that you can share on Linkedin & Social Media platforms⭐. 
- Some really special Google gifts when you completely finish the track on time⏰📅. 

-Google developer student support teams help you to answer all your questions📊🔧.

Join our community, apply to the track, learn, ask, help and mostly express yourself✨💪. 

Discover a whole new route in your technical career⭐.