GDSC Algothon

A programming competition hosted by GDSC USYD

Apr 23, 2022, 5:00 – 7:00 AM



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About this event

Had enough of baby mobiles and paper planes in COMP2123? 👶✈️

Struggling to divide and conquer the content of COMP3027? ➗➗

On that leetcode grind and online assessment hell with grad and intern applications? 💻️☠️

Then come along to GDSC’s inaugural 2022 Algothon for a once in a lifetime programming contest unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. With a prize pool of over $500 available to USYD students and the chance for an infinite amount of online clout amongst your coding friends what’s there not to like?

Over the course of two hours, you’ll solve a series of 4 leetcode style problems testing your knowledge, wisdom and determination in a contest like no other. With two available divisions, there is something for everyone so don’t be afraid to give it a go no matter your skill level. So strap on your coding helmet, whip out that documentation and see you there!

📆 Date & Time 📆

Saturday the 23rd of April from 3pm-5pm

📍Location 📍

Online from the comfort your home, the library or that local cafe that lowkey wants to kick you out cos you buy one coffee and sit there for hours. For this contest, we will be using an external platform called Codeforces (where you’ll need to make an account)

❓️ Why ❓️

- The chance to win a share of our prize pool off over $500 (details to be revealed soon 🤫)

- Improve and revise all that useful content from COMP2123 and COMP3027 or hone your skills for all those technical interviews

- Worldwide renown amongst your CS friends

➡️ Prerequisites ⬅️

- A local development to code in your language of choice with over 10+ languages that are accepted. For a full list of valid languages have a look here

- A Codeforces account

And that’s it!

📕 How does it work? 📕

There are two divisions which you have the choice of registering in:

Division 1 1️⃣: Suited to students who’ve competed in competitive programming, have already completed COMP2123 or are stellar at algorithms and data structures.

Division 2 2️⃣: Suited to students just beginning their CS journey, in particular if you have yet to complete COMP2123 or are currently undertaking it this semester. All problems from this division are tailor made to ensure that they are solvable with all the knowledge you’ve learnt so far this semester.

Each division has 4 problems of varying difficulty which you can complete in any order in the 2 hours. The winner is determined firstly by the number of correct problems and then the total time taken to solve the problems in the case of ties (known as the time penalty). The time penalty for a problem is the time taken to solve the problem in minutes + 20min for each wrong submission. So be careful submitting too many wrong submissions!

At the end of the contest, both divisions will have an editorial released afterwards detailing solutions for each problem as well.

‼️While students are free to enroll in whichever division they like, to be eligible for prizes you must match the definitions above. For example, a student who has already completed COMP2123 that enrolls in division 2 is not eligible for prizes for that division (but they are welcome to join for fun). ‼️

So how do you sign up I hear you ask? Simply fill in and follow the instructions in the form below and see you there:



  • Kunal Ostwal

    GDSC Lead

  • Jeannie Jung

    GDSC Lead

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