AI & Cloud Week: Intro to Cloud!

Intro to Cloud is the first event in GDSC USYD's AI 🤖 and Cloud ☁️ Week 2021!

Sep 20, 2021, 8:00 – 9:20 AM



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About this event

GDSC USYD invites you to join us for AI 🤖 and Cloud ☁️ Week 2021 ‼️ To kick us off, this Monday 20/9/21 at 6PM AEST we welcome JK Gunnink - Google Developer Expert on Google Cloud Platform - to help us introduce you to all things Cloud! 

In this event we will uncover WHY you should want to learn about Cloud and give you actionable knowledge to get started! 

Expect to hear about:

☁️ Cloud computing, the advantages it offers and real-world use cases

☁️ Examples in the workplace where people are using Cloud

☁️ Utilising Cloud to empower your AI & Machine Learning

☁️ Google Cloud Platform and how you can easily get started right now!

What is AI 🤖 and Cloud â˜ï¸ Week 2021 ?

Nowadays many companies are trying to leverage the benefits AI and Cloud. This week we will demystify these technologies to get you to the forefront of the tech world!

All cloud knowledge gained during this event will definitely help you in the future and more immediately with an upcoming AI & Cloud Hackathon 😉.

So don’t miss out!!!



Monday, September 20, 2021
8:00 AM – 9:20 AM UTC


8:00 AMWelcome
8:05 AMIntro to Cloud with Jean-Klaas!
8:35 AMBuilding with GCP!
8:50 AMQ&A


  • JK Gunnink

    Google Developers

    Google Developer Expert - Google Cloud Platform


  • Kunal Ostwal

    GDSC Lead

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