Advent of Code

The University of Auckland
Dec 2 - 25, 2021, 6:00 PM (NZDT)

About this event

If you want something fun to keep your brain working over December, then we have just the thing!

Advent of Code is a fun seasonal event held over December which counts down the days 'til Christmas with a small Christmas-themed programming puzzle every day. The University of Auckland Google Developer Student Club is currently hosting a leaderboard where members can compete against each other and have something to do over the holidays!

This will be a chill casual event but we may introduce prizes for the top-scoring participant(s) if we end up getting a large enough turnout.

To join, hop onto our Discord server (link below) and read the instructions on how to join the leaderboard.
Feel free to discuss the questions and solutions on the server as well! (There are rules on what you can discuss to make the event fair for all).

Link to Discord:

To learn more about Advent of Code: