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RootAccess Hackathon is not just an event; it's a celebration of innovation, a canvas for creativity, and a playground where technology meets imagination. Join us in the digital carnival, where every keystroke is a step towards unlocking endless possibilities. RootAccess awaits—come, be part of the innovation renaissance!

Jan 4, 3:30 AM – Jan 5, 3:30 PM



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About this event

RootAccess Hackathon: Unleashing Innovation in the Digital Playground

Welcome to RootAccess, where the pulse of innovation reverberates through the digital corridors of creativity, and every line of code is a step into the extraordinary. RootAccess Hackathon, hosted by Google Developer Student Club at The National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysore, is not just an event—it's a digital carnival, a vibrant convergence of tech enthusiasts, coding maestros, and aspiring innovators.

Vision and Purpose:

RootAccess embodies a vision to foster an ecosystem where ideas sprout, algorithms flourish, and passion for technology blossoms. The purpose is clear: to provide a dynamic platform for participants to explore, create, and collaborate. RootAccess stands as a testament to the belief that the world of technology is not just a space for problem-solving but a canvas for crafting the future.

Innovation at Its Core:

The heart of RootAccess beats with innovation. Participants, hailing from diverse backgrounds and experiences, converge to tackle real-world challenges. Whether it's building a groundbreaking app, crafting an ingenious algorithm, or engineering solutions that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, RootAccess is the playground where innovation takes center stage.

Unique Features:

What sets RootAccess apart is its commitment to creating a holistic experience. The hackathon is designed to be more than just a coding challenge. It's an exploration, a journey of discovery. From industry-relevant workshops and expert-led speaker sessions to networking opportunities and collaborative hacking environments, RootAccess offers a multifaceted experience that goes beyond the traditional hackathon boundaries.

Digital Carnival Atmosphere:

Picture this: A vibrant atmosphere filled with the hum of coding keyboards, the spark of ideas bouncing off the walls, and the glow of screens illuminating faces filled with determination. RootAccess is not just an event; it's a celebration—a digital carnival where challenges are not roadblocks but exciting twists in the adventure of creation.

Community and Collaboration:

RootAccess thrives on the spirit of community and collaboration. It is a gathering of minds passionate about making a positive impact through technology. Participants not only compete but also collaborate, sharing knowledge, and collectively pushing the boundaries of what's possible.



January 4 – 5, 2024
3:30 AM – 3:30 PM UTC


3:30 AMKick Off
4:30 AMTea Break
5:30 AMInaugration
8:00 AMLunch
10:30 AMEvaluation No. 1
11:30 AMTea Break
1:00 PMCultural Event
2:30 PMEvaluation No. 2
3:30 PMDay 1 Wrap Up


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