Power Up Your Analysis: Essential Python Libraries for Data Science Beginners

Discover the magic of Python libraries built specifically for data science! Learn how they can streamline your workflow and unlock powerful data analysis capabilities.

Feb 8, 5:00 – 6:00 PM



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About this event

Ready to dive into the exciting world of data science? This beginner-friendly session will introduce you to the essential Python libraries that form the backbone of data analysis projects. Whether you're a coding enthusiast or curious about data exploration, this workshop will set you on the right path.

Three Key Topics:

Foundational Libraries:

Understand the role of NumPy for numerical computations and efficient data manipulation.

Explore Pandas, the workhorse of data science, for data wrangling, analysis, and visualization.

Discover Matplotlib, a versatile library for creating various charts and graphs.

2. Beyond the Basics:

Dive into Scikit-learn, a powerhouse for machine learning tasks like classification and regression.

Learn about data cleaning and preprocessing techniques with libraries like Pandas and Scikit-learn.

Explore data visualization beyond Matplotlib with libraries like Seaborn and Plotly.

3. Hands-on Practice:

Participate in practical exercises using Jupyter Notebook, a popular data science environment.

Apply your newfound knowledge to analyze real-world datasets through guided examples.

Leave with confidence and a roadmap for further exploration of these powerful libraries.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your data science potential!🥳🥳


  • Stephen Bett

    Machine Learning Engineer/Technical Consultant Web Application


  • Doris Achieng'

    GDSC lead

    GDSC Lead

  • Ayugi Sophia

    GDSC Co-Lead

  • Collins Omondi

    Uamuzi Founation

    Android Lead

  • Stan Junior

    Tonnix Media

    Front-end developer lead

  • Joanes Abor

    Media and creatives lead

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