Whitepaper workshop by HKBS

GDSC PolyU will be holding our 2nd workshop for blockchain with HKBS! The workshop will be a whitepaper workshop so join to experience more blockchain!

Feb 16, 2022, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

GDSC PolyU X HKBS Workshop 2

Join us for a whitepaper workshop where you will learn:

- the white paper format of IEEE standard

- To learn the whitepaper format of IEEE standard

- To prepare a more successful project submission

- To learn to console the scattered project ideas into a structured presentation

Zoom link: https://cityu.zoom.us/j/99386982478?pwd=SERmb3ExSzVTTjE1ZGRCMmk4dnFGZz09

For more workshops: https://fintechworkshop.questionpro.com/a/GoBackSurvey?tt=uXC8EynLtOs%3D&responseSetID=65785285&submissionID=336371810


  • Gimshan Weerasinghe

    GDSC Lead

  • Joseph Hans Cleofe Villanueva

    Google Developers Student Club Polyu

    External Vice-Lead

  • Dominicus Dylan Haryoto

    Internal Vice-Lead

  • Ileana Pal

    Logistics Vice Lead

  • Phurinut Rungrojkitiyos

    Technical Lead

  • Jack Au

    Technical Lead

  • Elvin Chu

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Technical Lead

  • Awwab Hamam

    Technical Lead

  • Farrukh Rasheed

    Event Lead

  • Muhammad Fasih Alam Khan

    Event Lead

  • Shahrukh Khan

    Event Lead

  • SeongJu(Judy) KIM

    Design Lead

  • faith makmurputri

    Social Media Lead

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