PolyHack: A Revolution of Hackathons

PolyHack is The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's largest hackathon. Come join us and build Asia's biggest Hackathon. We come with prizes and career opportunities with companies

May 21, 2022, 2:00 AM – Jun 4, 2022, 1:00 PM



Key Themes

AR / VRAndroidCareer DevelopmentGoogle CloudGoogle I/O ExtendedMachine LearningSolution ChallengeUI / UXWeb

About this event

PolyHack is The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's largest hackathon. It is an Asia-wise competition organized by students of GDSC. At PolyHack, we want to help you grow and bring your imaginations into reality. Regardless of your background, you will be able to participate with resources and mentors we will provide to help you progress with your projects. We will have free workshops, mentorships, prizes, games and more to help you learn new techniques for your future projects or just for you to explore outside of a classroom. Don't have a team, or even an idea? We'll help you expand your creativity to build an exceptional project!


"Life in 4.0"

Explore the different, innovative technologies that can be implemented in the areas of blockchain, FinTech and smart cities

Hack Event:

May 21st ~ 28th: Ideology Week

May 29th ~ June 3rd: Builld Week

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  • Gimshan Weerasinghe

    GDSC Lead

  • Joseph Hans Cleofe Villanueva

    Google Developers Student Club Polyu

    External Vice-Lead

  • Dominicus Dylan Haryoto

    Internal Vice-Lead

  • Ileana Pal

    Logistics Vice Lead

  • Phurinut Rungrojkitiyos

    Technical Lead

  • Jack Au

    Technical Lead

  • Elvin Chu

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Technical Lead

  • Awwab Hamam

    Technical Lead

  • Farrukh Rasheed

    Event Lead

  • Muhammad Fasih Alam Khan

    Event Lead

  • Shahrukh Khan

    Event Lead

  • SeongJu(Judy) KIM

    Design Lead

  • faith makmurputri

    Social Media Lead

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