Stepping Into Open-Source Development

Texas A&M University
Wed, Nov 16, 6:00 PM (CST)

Come and Explore How to Contribute to Open-Source Projects with a Fellow Aggie and Google Developer Expert

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About this event

Are you interested in working on open-source software but unsure how to get started?

Are you excited about learning new technologies fast and never considered open-source as an option?

Everything from Linux OS, Apache Web Servers, to PHP programming languages are all built this way! From publicly available source code where global communities of developers collaborate and improve existing documentation, fix bugs, perform code reviews, and the list goes!

The Developer Student Club will be hosting 'Stepping into Open-Source Development' with Google Developer Expert Henry Ruiz, a PhD Interdisciplinary Engineering student at Texas A&M.

Learn how to find open-source communities, uncover how you can contribute to projects regardless of your skillset, understand challenges and benefits of open-source, and ultimately display your progress on Github so you can boast to company recruiters!

No prior experience required, so we will embrace all your big questions! RSVP Now for our virtual event and the zoom link will be provided with your ticket!

Join us on Slack @ and also connect with our speaker here: