Cycle Track Solution Challenge Workshop

Teesside University
Fri, Mar 10, 9:00 PM (GMT)

This is the workshop event for the solution challenge entry of the Cycle Track Team at GDSC Teesside University. The event will run in several sprints starting from the idea validation to prototyping. Join us to see how we transform an idea into a full working product

About this event

During this event, we meet for 30 mins every weekday (from Monday) until March 30th to be able to finalize the prototype and make our submission.

Meeting Plans

1. The first week will be about clarifying the idea so everyone and those working on any technology of the product is on the same page

2. The second week will be to Define and sketch the product like making the wireframe, we can use WireframePro or any other Google Wirefrming app.

3. The third week will be Prototyping: this is where we deploy our solution on the blockchain

4. Final week will be testing and recording our solution as well as doing the submission

The Solution Challenge criteria only allow for 4 people per team, however, this event is available to the general GDSC Teesside members to attend as it can inspire each member as well as give them the experience they need to transform an idea into a usable product. 

Join us!


  • Yash Patel

    Yash Patel

    Direct Line Supplies

    GDSC Lead

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  • Faith Nteogwuija

    Faith Nteogwuija

    Stonewall Group

    GDSC Lead

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  • Sidharth S Unnithan

    Sidharth S Unnithan


    Event and Coordination Director

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  • Harsh Harode

    Harsh Harode

    Machine Learning Engineer - Technical Director

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  • Jatin Aneja

    Jatin Aneja

    Tekgem (UK) Limited

    Web Developer - Technical director

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  • Ali Najmi

    Ali Najmi

    Communication Director

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