What does it take to build a secure applications (it takes more than XSS, SQL injection etc.)

Technische Universität Dresden
Wed, Apr 14, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Secure programming practices to prevent common mistakes such as XSS, SQL injection or buffer overflows are well known and have increasingly become part of developer education. However, it takes much more to build and run secure applications. This session will give an insight into practical challenges of building applications ready to meet today’s threat landscape, how to keep up with challenges like cloud computing, IoT and what skills are required from security experts.


  • Holger Mack

    Holger Mack

    SAP SE

    Head of Databases Security

    Holger Mack is the security lead for SAP HANA at SAP, Germany. His focus is on how to combine technology, organization, and people to implement successful security solutions. Mack received an M.Sc. in information security from Royal Holloway College, London. Contact him at holger.mack@sap.com.

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