Technical University of Mombasa -Virtual Info Session

We are privileged to hold our first ever GDSC lead info session for our school. The purpose is to introduce us to the following. 1)What is GDSC. 2)Events of GDSC and the future of GDSC. 3)How to be a member. 4)How to be a core member.

About this event

This is going to be a 30 minutes info session to talk about GDSC

Currently due to the present Covid 19 situation ,we are not having it physical and we wouldn't want to exhaust anyone's time and data so we are going to keep it as short as possible

Click on the link to join our google meet live session on Monday  


Monday, Sep 27
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EAT)


  • christal riziki

    christal riziki

    Technical University of Mombasa

    GDSC Lead

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  • Jesse Amianda

    Jesse Amianda

    Core Lead: Data Science

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  • Kenan Muiga

    Kenan Muiga

    Core Lead: Cyber Security

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  • Donald Isoe

    Donald Isoe

    Core Lead: Machine Learning

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  • Jeanette Rotich

    Jeanette Rotich

    Technical University of Mombasa

    Vice Core Lead

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  • Mary Dhahabu

    Mary Dhahabu

    Core Lead: Social media and Marketting

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  • Paul Juma

    Paul Juma

    Technical university of Mombasa

    Core Lead: Android Development

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  • Collins Ruto

    Collins Ruto

    Core Lead: Web Development

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  • Solomon Wamutu

    Solomon Wamutu

    Core Lead: Networking

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  • Gideon Amos

    Gideon Amos

    Core Lead: Graphic Design

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