Demystifying Open Source: From Beginner to contributor

Taraba State University, ATC, Jalingo, 660213

Unlock the world of open source! This workshop dives into Git, GitHub, and the essential skills to become an open source contributor. Beginners welcome!

Jun 29, 10:09 PM



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About this event

Have you ever dreamt of contributing to the amazing world of open-source software? This interactive workshop is your gateway! We'll guide you through the essential tools and knowledge to transform you from a curious beginner to a valuable contributor in the open-source community.

We'll begin by demystifying the core concepts of open-source software. You'll gain a clear understanding of its collaborative development spirit and the driving force behind open-source projects. We'll explore the benefits and rewards associated with contributing to open source, opening your eyes to the ways you can make a real impact in the tech landscape.

Next, we'll delve into the power duo of Git and GitHub. Git, the version control system, is the backbone of most open source projects. You'll learn its functionalities and how it allows developers to track changes, collaborate effectively, and maintain project history. We'll then shift gears to explore GitHub, the platform that hosts and facilitates open-source collaboration. You'll gain practical skills in creating repositories, branching code for independent development, and making pull requests to contribute your changes back to the main project.

Finally, we'll equip you with the tools and resources you need to become an active contributor. We'll introduce you to essential resources for finding open-source projects that align with your skills and interests. You'll learn how to navigate project documentation and identify areas where you can make a meaningful contribution, whether it's code improvements, bug fixes, or even insightful documentation updates. Furthermore, we'll cover best practices for communication and collaboration within open-source communities, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate and contribute your expertise.

This workshop is designed to empower you, regardless of your experience level. Whether you're a complete beginner or simply want to brush up on your open-source knowledge, we'll provide a supportive environment for learning and growth. By the end of this event, you'll be equipped with a solid understanding of open-source principles, the confidence to use Git and GitHub effectively, and the know-how to start making your mark on the world of open source software. Join us and unlock your open-source potential!



Saturday, June 29, 2024
10:09 PM – 10:09 PM UTC


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