[ML Track] (5) Classify Text into Categories with the Natural Language API w/Salman Khalid

The fifth session of nine in the Machine Learning track. Learn how to classify text into categories using the Natural Language API.

Dec 16, 2021, 5:00 – 6:30 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

"As part of a Regional Collaboration between 6 different GDSC Chapters from 5 countries we are proud to offer you the machine learning track by using Qwiklabs, the participating chapters:

Lebanese International University Sana'a - Yemen -> https://gdsc.community.dev/lebanese-international-university-sanaa/

Sana'a University - Yemen -> https://gdsc.community.dev/sanaa-university/

Sohar University - Oman -> https://gdsc.community.dev/sohar-university/

Tanta University - Egypt -> https://gdsc.community.dev/tanta-university/

University of Bahrain - Bahrain -> https://gdsc.community.dev/university-of-bahrain/

University of Khartoum - Sudan -> https://gdsc.community.dev/university-of-khartoum/

During this session, we will learn how to classify text into categories using the Natural Language API.

Direct link to the lab: https://www.qwiklabs.com/focuses/1749?parent=catalog

🗓️Thursday- 16th December.

🕘 7 PM by Cairo Timezone , 8 PM by KSA Timezone.

Always stay Tuned and join us : 💫



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