Internet of Things (IoT) #2 Intro to Embedded Systems

The second session of seven in the IoT track

Jan 12, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM



Key Themes

Google Cloud

About this event

In this session, We will discuss what are embedded systems, their structure, describe their interactions with the physical world, and how IoT systems are embedded within other devices in order to provide enhanced functionality.

Organizers of this track:

Google Developer Student Clubs - University of Khartoum
GDSC Sana'a University
GDSC - Lebanese International University Yemen
GDSC Tanta University
GDSC Sohar University
GDSC University of Bahrain


  • Rowan Ibrahem


    GDSC Lead

  • Nada Omar

    Head OC Committee

  • Rahma Osama


  • Karim El Refai

    GDSC Tanta

    Head Media

  • Shams Amr

    Vice HR Committie

  • Ahmed Mahgoob

    Head Marketing

  • Shahd M7md

    Marketing Member

  • Momen Mohamed

    Tanta University

    Vice Media

  • Abdulrhman Khattab

    PR Mentor

  • Amira kamel

    OC Member

  • Mo Amr

    PR Member

  • Abdelrahman Eltokhy

    Media Member

  • Zahra Hamed

    HR Head

  • Mohamed Elshiekh

    Media Instructor

  • Rawan Younis

    Hr Member

  • Radwa Hashiesh

    free lancer

    Machine Learning Instructor

  • fatma darwish

    HR Member

  • Mahmoud Moustafa


    HR Member

  • Hagar Elbanna

    Marketing Vice

  • mariam mesallm


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