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Ready to Supercharge your Projects? GDSC TTU is thrilled to host a hackathon on 27th April 2024 where you'll harness the power of Gemini AI and turbocharge your creations across Web, AI/ML, Cloud, and Mobile landscapes. #BuildWithGemini #GDSCTTU

Apr 27, 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM



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About this event

Steps to Register for the Build with AI Hackathon

Team Up

  • Gather up to 4 tech enthusiasts, developers, or anyone curious about AI to form a team (5 total, including you)
  • If you don't have a full team, you can still register and might be matched with others at the event.

Register Your Team

  • Choose one person to be the official team representative.

Prepare for the Hackathon

  • Focus on Local Problems: Brainstorm ideas on how to use Gemini AI to address a challenge faced by your community.
  • Bring Your Laptop: You'll be building your solution during the hackathon, so bring a fully charged laptop (solutions built before the said date will not be allowed).
  • Familiarize Yourself with Gemini AI: Spending some time learning about Gemini AI's capabilities beforehand can give your team a head start. You can find resources about Gemini AI on the Google AI website or through YouTube tutorials. Some resources have been shared below.

Hackathon Day

  • Arrive at the venue with your team and your laptop.
  • Listen to any opening remarks or introductions.
  • Get ready to showcase your problem-solving skills and creativity using Gemini AI.
  • Develop a solution that tackles your chosen local challenge.
  • This solution can be a web application, mobile application, cloud-based solution, or anything else that leverages Gemini AI's functionalities.
  • Prepare a clear and concise presentation to showcase your work to the judges at the end of the day.

The Big Pitch and Prize Time!

  • Present your solution to the panel of judges, highlighting how it tackles the local problem using Gemini AI.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the judges.
  • The winning team will be announced, so wait with anticipation!

Additional Tips

  • Think outside the box! There are endless possibilities when it comes to using Gemini AI.
  • Work collaboratively as a team to leverage each other's strengths.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the learning experience!

Key Resources

To #BuildWithAI, here are key tools to help you set up:

1. Learn more about Gemini AI here

2. View Documentation on Gemini API here

  • This will help you start with code snippets, instructions, parameters used, how to plug in, etc.
  • For the hackathon, this will be a KEY page.

3. Access Google AI Studio Quickstart here

  • This is the guide to where you get started with the Google AI Studio

4. Access Google AI studio here

  • This is a browser-based IDE for prototyping with generative models)

5. Get to use Gemini in your dev projects with guidance from tutorials here

  • They will guide on aspects like API key, dependencies - as per the technology stack

6. Some helpful articles? We gatchu! 💪🏾

Introducing Gemini: our largest and most capable AI model

How to Use Google Gemini with Node.js App

Prompt Engineering Power-Up: How to Make Gemini Write Your Prompts

With that, you have all you need to get started.

Note: Carry your laptop, and the energy to build solutions.

Happy Coding!



Saturday, April 27, 2024
7:00 AM – 2:00 PM UTC


  • Brenda Mwaura

    GDSC Lead, Taita Taveta University, Kenya


  • Brenda Mwaura

    Taita Taveta University

    GDSC Lead

  • simon gideon

    Student at microverse

    Co-Lead, Technical Lead

  • Romeo Mureithi

    Technical Lead


    Social Media Manager

  • Daniel Makai

    Graphic Designer

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