Google Cloud Info-Session

Seminar Hall, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Mumbai - Pune Expressway, Pune, 412101

Join us tomorrow, in our first ever session on Google Cloud, followed by surprise announcement! from 10AM onwards at Seminar Hall. Gain Valuable learning in Cloud Computing Technology by Yashraj Kudale (Cloud Facilitator) and Deepak Kumar (GDSC Lead) & Saish Shinde (AI/ML Facilitator) as moderators.

Sep 1, 2023, 4:30 – 8:30 AM



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About this event

The Google Developer Student Club hosted its second event, a Google Cloud Info Session, on 1 September, 2023 at Seminar hall .

The event aimed to provide students with valuable insights into Google Cloud technologies, billing information, and creating a server.


10:30 AM - The eager and excited students settled in the seminar hall. This marked the beginning of the google cloud session - 1

10:40 AM - Deepak gave introduction and instruction about the event.

10: 50 AM - Yashraj Started with the Presentation along with Saish as a moderator.

11:11 AM - Google Cloud hands on demo

11:40 AM - Q/A and Networking

12:00 PM - Session - 1 Ended.

12:45 pm - Session - 2 Started.

1 pm - Sakshi introduced the session with the keynote speaker Yash Kudale and Saish Shinde.

1:05 pm- Yashraj started presenting about google cloud.

1:30pm - Q&A session was held regarding cloud.

1:50 pm - The GDSC lead Deepak Kumar introduced the study jam launched by google.

2 pm - The quiz barcode was put up on the screen for all the participants to scan and give it.

The quiz score was going to be calculated.

2:10pm - Group photo was clicked along with the attendees.

2:15pm - This marked the concluding segment of the session, the participants had opportunity to mingle with their peers and the organisers were there for collecting suggestions and feedbacks.


Start Settling in the Seminar Hall
Session will be started by Google Cloud Facilitator
Study Jams Announcement
Session 2


  • Yashraj Kudale

  • Saish Shinde


  • Deepak Kumar

    GDSC Lead

  • Mansha Malla

    Management Lead

  • Yash Borkar


    PR Lead

  • Aayush Umtekar

    Web Dev & UI/UX Mentor

  • Raman Mohurle

    Cybersecurity Mentor

  • Saish Shinde

    AI/Ml Facilitator

  • Yashraj Kudale

    Google Cloud Facilitator

  • Yash Mahagaonkar

    Android Mentor

  • Nirav Keny

    Cloud Mentor

  • Mahi Patel


  • Shravani Gore


  • Sakshi Gaud


  • Nitesh Laljani


  • Om Tanpure

    Videography Team

  • Ananya Pathak

    Videography Team

  • Bhakti Ghodekar


  • Rutuja Walunj

    Videography Team

  • Abhishek Mathpati

    Videography Team

  • Shrawani Rayalkar

    Management Team

  • Faisal Nomani

    PR Team

  • Siya Dua

    Management Team

  • Amee Kanani

    Management Team

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