Android Study Jam - Getting Started with Android - Layout and Navigation - (Day 2)

Symbiosis Institute of Technology - Pune, India

Welcome to Android Study Jams. A three-day workshop on the fundamentals of Android Application Development using Kotlin. Learn how to make apps by actually doing it yourself. Three sessions focussing on important topics of the android ecosystem. Prior programming experience is expected

Jan 16, 2021, 1:30 – 2:45 PM

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Welcome to the second session of the three-day workshop on android development.

In this session, get started with Android Studio.

We will learn about View, View Groups, and Constraint Layout.

We will also learn about Fragments and Jetpack Navigation Library 


  • Safeer Khan

    Symbiosis Institute of Technology

    Android Facilitator


  • Kartik Bhushan

    Symbiosis Institute Of Technology

    DSC Lead


  • Prachi.Lal Btech2020

    GDSC Lead

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