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May 2, 3:30 – 4:15 PM



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About this event

Level Up Your Generative AI Skills: Don't Miss Our Launchpad Meeting!

This Exclusive Google Meet session on May 2nd, 9 PM will be held for all Generative AI Study Jam Participants.


  1. It is mandatory for Group leaders and Team leaders to attend the meeting.
  2. All those who were not a part of Cloud Study Jams 2023 , have to join for a detailed description and guidance for access [mandatory]
  3. In case Team Leader is unable to join , he/she needs to send a replacement (member from his/her group) to attend the meeting.
  4. The point of contacts for every Team leader will be Group leaders from the core team
  5. Group leaders need to ensure that Team leaders from the allotted groups are present in sync up calls and meetings from time to time doubt solving and progress check.

  • Note:-All the points covered in the meeting , will not be conveyed personally to anyone - this will be ensured by team and group leaders.
  • The group leaders and random groups made will also be announced shortly.

Link to Join:

See you there!


  • Avni Bhardwaj

    GDSC Lead

  • Aaditya Jain

    Core Team Lead - Technical

  • Asmita Bhadoria

    Core Team Lead - PR & Marketing

  • Shalom Ram

    Core Team Lead - Creative & Social Media

  • Samkit Jain

    Core Team Lead - Finance


    Core Team Lead - Management

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