Jot Your Product Document with Ease

Never Heard of nuts and bolts of projects? No problem! These nuts and bolts that lay foundation is simply the mighty Product Documents! Come and join us on a journey to explore the same and add another feature in our developer/techie caps!

About this event

Product Documents, a rather internal and proprietary document, is a piece of information, crucial to multiple professionals at once!

Yet the path to learn it's art is missing a needed piece - examples!

That's what will be changed in this session, Thanks to our Speaker - Vinita Mathreja! :D

Here, we will be covering -

• Whats and hows of Product Documents

• Whats covered, how it is useful to everyone

• Sharing User Flows

• Art of Writing MVP Docs, Describing tech stacks, and much much more!

Why all this? Because as said Product Documentations are generally internal documents, and not available to explore about.

Thus, it is time to learn from the people who actually make them!


Enough of talking for now, RSVP to the event, and witness yourself! ;)