Launchpad πŸš€ (Info Session)

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Get ready to blast off into the πŸš€ world of opportunities at our Launchpad Info Session! Join us for an engaging discussion about the incredible benefits of becoming a member of the Google Developer Student Clubs. We'll unveil a galaxy of possibilities that await you on this exciting journey 🌌

During our session, we'll shed light on the thrilling upcoming tenure activities that promise to be both educational and entertaining. Buckle up as we navigate through hackathons, workshops and collaborative projects that will expand your knowledge and network faster than you can say "code" πŸ’‘πŸ€

But hold onto your seats because we're not just about information – we're keeping this session as riveting as a space adventure! Expect interactive discussions, quizzes, and maybe even some cosmic surprises that will leave you inspired and eager to join our club 🌟🌠 Don't miss this Launchpad Info Session – it's the countdown to a stellar experience! ⏰🌠

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