Think Like a Programmer

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About this event

Think like a programmer 🖥🧠

📣“Think like a programmer” is an exclusive GDSC SSIT series that helps the community of people to kick-start their journey in the domain of problem solving and programming. 💻📈

✍️This series is made up of hand-picked resources that helps anybody to understand and implement these concepts on real time applications. 📚📑

Looking forward to building a healthy coding culture in our community. Happy Coding!👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻

What you will learn?

🔵Learn Data Structures and Algorithms.

🔴Learn problem solving tips and tricks.

🟡Learn how to crack top dream product companies.

🔵Learn to master competitive programming.

🟢Learn to solve real world complex problems.

🔴Learn to make your coding profile better.


🔵Understanding and implementing the concepts of problem solving.

🔴Enabling peer-to-peer learning in our community.

🟡Building coding culture in our community.

🔵Learning DSA and its applications.

🟢Making the community as job ready programmers.