Demystifying AI & ML : Unveiling the Future of Technology

Sri Sai Institute of Technology & Science - Rayachoty, India

Demystifying AI & ML : Unveiling the Future of Technology

Feb 10, 1:30 – 6:15 PM

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🗣️ Uncover the realms of AI and ML with BhagyaSri Uddandam, an AWS AI/ML Scholar '23, and aspiring Machine Learning Engineer. Join us on February 10th at 7 pm for an engaging exploration into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. BhagyaSri will share her expertise, insights, and experiences, offering a unique perspective on the latest trends and applications. This event is perfect for tech enthusiasts, students, and professionals eager to delve into the limitless possibilities of AI and ML. Reserve your spot now for an evening of knowledge and networking! 🚀 #AIandMLJourney #TechTalks #BhagyaSriUddandam


  • Bhagya Sri Uddandam

    AWS AI/ML Scholar'23


  • Iqra Firdose

    GDSC Lead

  • Parvathi Priya Mundlapati

    Technical Lead

  • Ayesha Shaik


    Design Lead

  • Pathan Sohaib Hussain

    Content Lead

  • Patan Hibza khanam

    Social Media Lead

  • Venkata Rathnamma sibyala


    Event Lead

  • Aisha Shaik


    Event Team

  • Shaik Usman

    Design Team

  • Youva Kishore


    Technical Team

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