Robotics #4 - OOP with Python - Practical w/ Mohammed Almutoory

The fourth session of five in the Robotics track

Feb 13, 2022, 2:00 – 3:00 PM



Key Themes

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About this event

"In the fourth Robotics session, you will be introduced to the following:

What is Object-Oriented Programming

Class and Object

Expressing Object's Behavior using Methods

Initializing Object Attributes using __init__

Encapsulation in Python

Class Attributes vs Instance Attributes

Class Methods vs Instance Methods

Useful Examples for Class Methods

Basic Inheritance

Method Overriding

Constructor Inheritance

Arithmetic Magic Methods

Comparison Magic Methods

The __str__ Magic Method

If you're willing to work along, make sure you install Python IDE or Visual Studio Code with Python extention beforehand.

Organizers of this track:

Google Developer Student Clubs - University of Khartoum

GDSC Sana'a University

GDSC - Lebanese International University Yemen

GDSC Tanta University

GDSC Sohar University

GDSC University of Bahrain"


  • Mohammed Almutoory

    Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Computer Science


  • Khalsa Said

    GDSC Lead

  • akram Alsaadi

    Relationship Manager

  • إدريس الرويشدي

    Relationship Manager

  • Horya Al Nofli

    Social Media Manager

  • Ruqaya Alsiyabi


  • Hiba Alsaidi


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