Cyber Security Workshop

Sohar University
Sat, Sep 3, 7:00 PM (GMT+4)

We are back again with a new journey, which is the wonderful cybersecurity journey, to talk about the most important thing about it in terms of its definition, importance and wonderful characteristics and how to build a cybersecurity strategy and we will not forget how to ensure the success of the cybersecurity strategy. Wait for us 🔥🔥. #GDSCMENA #GoogleDeveloperStudentClubs #DeveloperStudentClu

About this event

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بُحلول عام 2022, زاد اهتمام المجتمع التقني بالامن السيبراني بشكل واسع مما جعل حاجتنا الكبيرة للتعمق فيه فالامن السيبراني فهو كالبحر واسع وعميق جدا نحتاج لمعرفته والتوغل فيه. وبرفقة مُدرب خبير ، نُناقش كل ذلك واكثر انتظرونا..😙


‏By 2022, the interest of the technical community in cybersecurity has increased widely, which made our great need to delve into it. Cybersecurity is like a vast and very deep sea that we need to know and delve into. ‏ Accompanied by an expert coach, we discuss all 

this and more ‏ Wait for us..😙 ‏

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