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Join us for an immersive Android app development workshop designed for beginners. Led by Pankaj Rai, a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Android, this session will guide participants through building their own applications using Android Studio. The workshop covers fundamental topics such as creating user interfaces, handling user input, and app publishing. No prior experience needed!

Dec 12, 2023, 1:30 – 3:00 PM



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About this event

Workshop Highlights: Android App Development


The upcoming workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive session on Android app development. This hands-on workshop is tailored for beginners who are eager to dive into the world of mobile app development. Participants will have the opportunity to build their own Android applications from scratch using the popular development environment, Android Studio.

Workshop Details

Date and Time:

12 December 2023



Workshop Duration:

90 minutes

Key Topics Covered :

Introduction to Android Development:

Overview of the Android platform and its ecosystem.

Understanding the Android development environment.

Android Studio Basics:

Navigating the Android Studio interface.

Setting up a new Android project.

Building Your First App:

Creating a simple "Hello World" application.

Understanding the structure of an Android app.

User Interface Design:

Designing interactive user interfaces.

Incorporating widgets and layouts.

Handling User Input:

Capturing user input through forms and buttons.

Implementing event listeners.

Introduction to Android Emulator:

Testing applications using the Android Emulator.

Debugging and troubleshooting.

Publishing Your App:

Overview of the app publishing process.

Submission to the Google Play Store.

Difficulty Level


This workshop is designed for individuals with little to no prior experience in Android app development. Participants will be guided through the basics, making it accessible for beginners to grasp the concepts and build their own applications.


Pankaj Rai

Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Android


Participants are expected to use their own laptops with Android Studio installed. No prior knowledge of Android development is required, as the workshop is tailored for beginners.


  • Pankaj Rai

    Android & Firebase

    Google Developer Expert


  • Vishnuraj Saravanan

    SNS College of Engineering

    GDSC Lead

  • Sunil N

    Co-Lead / AI/ML Lead

  • Miruthyan Jayan S

    Cloud Lead

  • Vigneshwar KS

    SNS College of engineering

    UI / UX Lead

  • Yogeshwaran Singarasu

    Gen AI Lead

  • Sruthi Sivakumar

    WTM Lead

  • Abinesh Jino U.P

    Technical Lead

  • Joe Sachin J

    Flutter Lead

  • Susma S

    SNS College of Engineering

    Data Analytics Lead

  • Sivakumar B

    Java Developer Lead

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