Introduction to Study Jams - Gen AI

Learn about the on demand Generative AI skills by gaining hands-on learning experience with Google resources and work on Google Cloud also Gemini APIs

Apr 30, 2:30 – 3:15 PM



Key Themes

Explore MLGeminiMachine LearningTensorFlow / Keras

About this event

Prerequisites - 

There is no such requirements - just have a passion and eagerness to learn about the new Gen AI tool - since its the leading technology which has been used by many companies

Requirements - 

Kindly have a laptop in handy - since we will working only on laptop - if you don't have one you can access the computers in the college in your free time and work there

If you have any concerns or any issues please contact - or call 9342336419

See you all at the  session,

Vishnuraj Saravanan, Lead - GDSC SNSCE


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Tezos Clubs - SNS College of Engineering


  • Vishnuraj Saravanan

    SNS College of Engineering

    GDSC Lead

  • Sunil N

    Co-Lead / AI/ML Lead

  • Miruthyan Jayan S

    Cloud Lead

  • Vigneshwar KS

    SNS College of engineering

    UI / UX Lead

  • Yogeshwaran Singarasu

    Gen AI Lead

  • Sruthi Sivakumar

    WTM Lead

  • Abinesh Jino U.P

    Technical Lead

  • Joe Sachin J

    Flutter Lead

  • Susma S

    SNS College of Engineering

    Data Analytics Lead

  • Sivakumar B

    Java Developer Lead

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