Data 101: You don't want to miss this!

About this event

Data Science: The next big thing! Join us as we teach you programming languages, model building and a lot more!

Starting from 25th February, 3 days a week.

These sessions in our series of Data 101 which will take you from a beginner level to an intermediate level in becoming a data scientist.

Learn from scratch using Python by following an online curriculum together with our expert Data Scientists.

These sessions bring you the Data 101 Course which blends theory with practice to help you build great apps the right way. With the help of our assignments, you'll work with instructors, step-by-step, to build models, and learn best practices of how analysis works in general and relating it to real life examples in particular.

Agenda for all workshops: Python from scratch, Data Analysis and Visualisation, Model Evaluation and Metrics, Model Building, Feature Selection & ML Algos, Problem Solving and DATATHON!

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