Info Session

Join us for an inaugural session of GDSC where we will be talking about Google Developer Student Clubs for the very first time and how we can grow together using this platform.💫

Aug 26, 2023, 1:30 – 3:00 PM



Key Themes

AccessibilityAndroidAngularCareer DevelopmentFlutterMachine LearningMobileSolution ChallengeUI / UX

About this event

Are you ready to step into a new era of technology and innovation?

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our academic landscape - The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) chapter at Silicon Tech, Bhubaneshwar.

The inauguration of this chapter marks a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering students with the skills and networks needed to thrive in the digital age.

This chapter isn't confined to the walls of our institution, it's a connection to a global network of individuals who share your zeal for pushing boundaries.

About the GDSC Chapter :

The Google Developer Student Clubs program is a global initiative by Google that provides a platform for students to explore, learn, and apply various technologies. With an emphasis on collaboration, skill-building, and real-world problem-solving, GDSC chapters are established in universities and colleges around the world.

Why join GDSC?

  • Learn beyond the classroom
  • Upgrade your skill set
  • Build real-world and impactful projects
  • Open your doors to industry connection
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to resources
  • Be a part of the global community
  • Enhance your resume
  • Form lifelong friendships with like-minded people.
  • Enjoy a plethora of valuable benefits that go beyond just learning about technology!

About the Event :

🏁 Welcome aboard to the first session of GDSC!

🗓️Date: Saturday 26th August 2023 

⏰Time: 7 PM Onwards

📍Venue: Virtual Gathering

🌟 Highlights of the Launch :

🚀Opening Address : Join us as we kick off the event by highlighting the significance of GDSC’s presence in our college and the opportunities it opens up for the students.

💡Meet the Leads : Dive into the world of GDSC-SITB and engage with the masterminds of each domains as they share their own journey and innovative endeavors.

Domains this year :

  • Web Development
  • AI/ML
  • Cloud Computing
  • Android Development & many more!

🔮A Glimpse into the Future : Gain insights about the upcoming events, tech-workshops and other initiatives, precisely crafted by your domain leads.

🌐Steer through the Year : Discover the roadmap of GDSC-SITB’s upcoming engagements. Save the date, and be a part of the exciting venture.

⚙️Unveiling Roles : Get to know about the roles and responsibilities that domain leads shoulder to curate innovative events.

🤝Networking Hour : Connect with fellow students, experts and build relationships that extend beyond the event and lay the foundation for future collaborations.

📣Ask Away : Get your doubts cleared by engaging in an interactive Q&A session. Feel free to ask any question that comes to your mind.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to be a part of the launch of the GDSC chapter at SITB. Unleash your potential, create meaningful connections, and ignite your passion for technology with GDSC. It is not just about what you can achieve individually, but about the collective impact we can make as a community.

Secure your spot now for an event that promises inspiration, networking, and the chance to be a part of a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts. Together, let's cultivate a space where ideas flourish, skills sharpen, and dreams become realities! ✨🔥


  • Adarsh Kumar Dalai

    Silicon Institute of Technology

    GDSC Lead



    Events Lead

  • Deepjyoti Nayak

    Public Relations & Outreach Lead


    Web Development Lead

  • Tanushree Tripathy

    Social Media Lead

  • Swati J

    Cloud Lead

  • Jangyaseni Sahoo

    Android Lead

  • Deepshikha Paty

    Design Lead

  • Ansuman Parija

    AI/ML Lead

  • Dr. Samaleswari Prasad Nayak

    Faculty Coordinator

  • Khusi Pandey


  • Ayush Dash


  • Ratikanta Rout

    Silicon Institute Of Technology Bhubaneswar


  • Tanisha Panda


  • Swaraj Mohapatra


  • Ansita Panigrahi


  • Arpita Mishra



    Student at Silicon Institute of Technology


  • Rishu Kumar


  • Rounak Biswal


  • Purnima Mishra


  • Swapnilshikha Bhakat


  • Devi Sundaray


  • Yasmin Swain


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