Cybersecurity Workshop

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology(Sikkim Manipal University), Majitar, Rangpo, 737136

Learn the basics of Cyber Security and challenge yourself with a Capture the Flag competition to test your skills

Jan 19, 12:30 PM – Jan 25, 2:30 PM



Key Themes

Solution Challenge

About this event

Day 1-

Gen AI jailbreaks 

Introduction to Linux and shell scripting 

Description and working of various commonly used GNU Linux tools - curl, sed, etc 

Pico CTF problems based on those concepts 

Basic intro to Metasploit for the upcoming session 

Day 2 -

Introduction to Metasploitable2 

Demonstration of the working of Metasploit with a vulnerable Metasploitable server 

Hacking SMTP, VNC, HTTP, etc ports with metasploit

Demonstration of Bind shell and Reverse Shell

Day 3 -

Introduction to SQL, Burp Suite and various other tools for OWASP 

SQL injection sqlmap 

Detecting vulnerabilities with Burp Suite 

DIY on using a scanner to find vulnerabilities on a pre-configured web application and SQL injection 

Day 4 -

Introduction to common Android vulnerabilities and the Android security architecture 

Reverse Engineering an Android application using APKTool and exploiting them 

Introduction to ADB and ADB based attacks 

Tips on Android security

Day 5-

Custom designed Hackathon (CTF format) based on all the topics taught.


  • Aryan Lohia

    GDSC Lead

  • Ahana Sadh

    EM & Editorial Lead

  • Pooranjoy Bhattacharya


    Web Dev Lead

  • Ashmita Sen


    EM & Editorial Co-Lead

  • sparsh ranjan

    Co-Lead PR

  • Toshith Yadav

    Co-Lead Web Dev

  • Shivam Sourav

    AI / ML Lead

  • Manasvi Gupta


    Co-Head of Operations

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