Core Team Application 2021-2022 | GDSC SVECW

We are recruiting new people for a GDSC core team at SVECW for the next academic year! Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) is an amazing community of students representing hundreds of colleges and universities across the globe.

About this event

Benefits of becoming a member of the Core Team:

-Network with Google employees, students and other high tech professionals

-Get access to the latest Google Technologies and training from Google Developer Experts

-Connect with like-minded individuals and join a community of developers and technology enthusiasts

-Grow as a professional and contribute in a meaningful way to the greater GDSC ecosystem

-Receive hands-on training for cutting edge technology and soft skill development

-Potentially receive reference letters and referrals from DSC Lead

-Work in a multidisciplinary team

If you are interested in becoming a GDSC Core Member for the next year, feel free to fill out this form: SVECW GDSC Core Team Application.