Blockchain, D-Apps & Web 3.0

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About this event

Hello fellow developers!!

GDSC-SVVV is back again with another interesting event this Friday.

Have you ever imagined accessing your data from a distant place, where the limit to accessing your crucial data wouldn't be an issue, and where getting a personalized experience for your device would be so easy?

Isn't this a great experience, which is possible only because of Web 3.0!

Our first speaker, Adarsh Goyal, is a blockchain and open source enthusiast, working as an ASD at gytworkz. He was also the GDSC-SVVV lead for 2020-21.

Our second speaker, Kumar Satyarth, works at the post of Operations Head @Girlscript and he was the GDSC - ABESIT Lead for 2020-2021. He made it to the finals of some prestigious Hackathons like SIH,2020.

Our Scholarly Speakers will enlighten us on the topics like Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and DAPPS.

We hope you won't be missing this great opportunity!!

So come and join us in this interactive session!!

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