Android Compose Camp - 2

Introducing #ComposeCamp, our upcoming event series on building UIs with Jetpack Compose!

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About this event

Welcome back to Day - 2 of Android Compose Camp.

Hello folks!

We are glad that we have successfully completed the first session of Compose Camp. Compose Camp is a series of peer group learning sessions or hands-on workshops organized and facilitated by the GDSC campus for our club members to gather knowledge around the basics of Kotlin, building UIs in Compose, and more!

 We covered the Basics of Kotlin in the first session.

In the second session also we'll be working through the curriculum offered by Google. We will go through the Fundamentals of Kotlin and a short introduction on what is Jetpack Compose.


-A laptop­čĺ╗

-Complete pathway 1 of Unit 1

During these sessions, our attendees will be able to understand the advanced concept of Kotlin.

We await your presence!

Happy Learning