Flutter Verse

Main Audi, RCOEM Nagpur, India, 440013

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management - Nagpur, India

Flutter Verse

Jan 17, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

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About this event

GDSC RCOEM welcomes you to FlutterVerse- The Chronicles of Flutter🪐, our highly anticipated event is here, bringing the Flutter community together for an immersive experience.
Everyone will also be introduced with Android ML and Solution Challenge!

🗓 Date: 17th Jan, 2024

🕚 Time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

📍 Venue: Main Auditorium

Let's dive into Flutter essentials and craft exciting portfolios together! 🚀

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🔗 Registration Link: https://lu.ma/2d6kqem2

What's In It For You?🤔

🔹Flutter Basics: Grasp widget essentials swiftly.

🔹Hands-On Crafting: Build a personalized portfolio prototype.

🔹Practical Insights: Gain valuable mobile app development experience.

🔹Interactive Learning: Engage with experts and fellow Flutter enthusiasts.

Don't miss this opportunity – join us and explore the FlutterVerse! 🪐



Wednesday, January 17, 2024
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM UTC


  • Jaya Singh


    Community Lead

  • Atharva Werulkar

    Flutter Team - GDSC RCOEM

  • Ayush Talpelwar

    Flutter Team - GDSC RCOEM


  • Jaya Singh

    GDSC Lead

  • Krushna Dande

    Management Lead

  • Madhav Jha

    Competitive Programing Lead

  • Vinayak Soni

    Design Lead

  • Shantanu Mane


    App & Web Development Lead

  • D-63 Siddhesh Jawadi

    Socials Lead

  • E-40 Krishna Mundada Mundada

    Cloud Lead

  • Arnav Kadoo

    Competitive Programming Co-Lead

  • Mohitsingh sahare


    Design Co-Lead

  • Mahesh Bora

    Socials Co-Lead

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