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The Google Gen AI Study Jam is an immersive and enriching event designed to bring together enthusiasts, learners, and professionals passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications. Hosted by Google Developers in collaboration with leading educational institutions and technology partners, this study jam is a unique opportunity for participants to delve deep into the world of AI,

May 1, 4:42 PM – May 26, 12:15 PM



Key Themes

Cloud Study JamDuetAIGeminiGoogle Cloud

About this event

Gen AI is the new era ⭐

Our Gen AI Study Jam will equip you with the knowledge and tools to build mind-blowing projects that will definitely push your boundaries starting from 1st May to 28 May

Also get a chance to access to Google's Provided Virtual Learning Environment for free and complete the pathways to earn some exciting rewards.

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<>Google Developer Student Club , RCOEM


  • Jaya Singh

    GDSC Lead

  • Krushna Dande

    Management Lead

  • Madhav Jha

    Competitive Programing Lead

  • Vinayak Soni

    Design Lead

  • Shantanu Mane


    App & Web Development Lead

  • D-63 Siddhesh Jawadi

    Socials Lead

  • E-40 Krishna Mundada Mundada

    Cloud Lead

  • Arnav Kadoo

    Competitive Programming Co-Lead

  • Mohitsingh sahare


    Design Co-Lead

  • Mahesh Bora

    Socials Co-Lead

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