Introduction to APIs using Postman

Presenting a hands on session where we'll be introducing you to APIs and Postman to help you kickstart your API journey Join us in this virtual event to get your hands dirty!

About this event

DSC SGSITS invites you to join our session "Introduction to APIs using Postman"

Whether you are a novice or a veteran developer, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Over a short span, you will be able to learn skills such as:

1) Understanding the concepts of API

2) Introduction to Postman

3) Requesting and receiving API and many more.

Postman Student Experts and DSC SGSITS are organizing "Hands-on workshop" this session and brings up amazing gifts for the top 3 performers. Gear up Yourself for this online opportunity and register for the event.

🗓️ Date: 6-February-2021

💻 Venue: VIRTUAL,

So, What are you waiting for? Register today and give your career that much needed boost!