Web Campaign : Session 2

Sharda University - Greater Noida
Sun, Jan 22, 9:30 PM (IST)

The second day continues with introducing more advanced HTML concepts such as divisions, spans, and adding style to our boring web pages.

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About this event

You were surfing through the web, came across a website and found it impressive. Now you are wondering what you would have made if you could do this too. Well look no further, here is a solution for you. GDSC Sharda University brings you an online campaign on web development.

This campaign will consist of a series of workshops and seminars led by esteemed web development lead of GDSC assisting you to master the art of creating dynamic, visually attractive and responsive websites.

Don’t worry, we have got it all covered!!
Whether you’re just starting, or you want to elevate your web dev skills, this campaign is open for all. So why wait? Sign up now and start creating websites for community and with community.