Handson Workshop on GAME DEVELOPMENT

We are back again to equip you with the right doze of codes and hacks to Scale-Up your skills with our upcoming Workshop on Game Development in collaboration with GDSC SRCASW.

About this event

CodingNinjas X GDSC SRCASW brings you an exciting Hands on Workshop on Game Development 🤩🤩

What will be discussed:

📌Know the programming fundamentals.

📌Implementation of Logics.

📌Learn new techniques and algorithms to manage the time limitations while coding.

📌Become a pro at debugging codes.

📌Prospects of higher education.

📌Unlock new career opportunities.

🗓 Mark the dates for 28th and 29th October.

🕠Set your alarms to 5:30 PM.

This webinar is ✨free of cost✨



So, if you’re willing to scale-up your skills, this is the perfect place for you.