Introduction to Linux

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Are you someone who is curious about Cybersecurity/Hacking? πŸ€” Confused and don't know what or where to start learning from? We gotchu!😌 πŸ‘

A security-focused operating system is the best partner for hackers because it can help them find weaknesses in computer systems or computer networks. Whether you are in information security work or a security professional, or are interested in this particular area of ​​expertise, you should know a good Linux distribution that suits your purpose.

GDSC CUSAT is excited to announce 🀩 'An Introduction to Linux (for future Cybersecurity Practitioner's)' workshop πŸ’». Join us for a beginner friendly session that introduces you to the world of Linux and its use cases. Our Speaker is Mr. Vishwas N who is a veteran in this field with vast experience in different Tech domains. It kicks off with a small introduction to Linux systems and then it's all interactive Hands-on Sessions and Q&As. This is a must attend workshop for everyone interested in Cybersecurity.

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Date = 19th September , 2021

Time = 11:30 -12:30 pm

πŸ›‘ Registrations close by 18th September.

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