Introduction to Hacktoberfest: Doorway to the world of open source

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Hey geeks,

Do you know that open source contributions come in handy when we apply for our dream job? πŸ€”

It out-stands your resume and keeps you at the top 🀩.

We are very happy to introduce you to hacktoberfest 2021, a month-long celebration of open-source software. During this event, everyone can participate in events, contribute to open source projects and showcase their skills. To participate in the event you need to know about git (an amazing tool used for open source projects) 😰. Don’t worry We've got your back.😊

Join the GDSC session on "Introduction to  Hacktoberfest: Doorway to the world of open source"

to learn deeply about open source projects and git and get a chance to win amazing swags such as T-shirts and laptop stickers.

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Date : 1st October , 2021

Timing : 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

This workshop is just one of the many exciting events from GDSC CUSAT coming your way. Check us out on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all upcoming GDSC activities 🚨

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