Compose Camp Session-3

CSE 3rd Floor LH-1 - Saveetha Engineering College Chennai, 602105 - View Map Saveetha Engineering College - Chennai
Thu, Oct 13, 2022, 1:00 PM (IST)

Hey Guys! We are back with another session probably the last session of Compose Camp 2022. In the previous sessions you all have got some knowledge in Android Development using Jetpack Compose. Now in this session you will get to know the scope and careers in Android development and also you will learn to build some apps using Jetpack Compose.

About this event

Compose camp is Community-organized events focused around how to build Android apps using Jetpack Compose, where attendees get hands-on coding experience with Compose.

If you’re familiar with Android Study Jams, the learning format is the same. It’s a group of people coming together to do hands-on learning for a specific Android topic, like a study group.

The difference is that with Compose Camp, the focus is on specifically learning Compose skills for Android, with a fun camp theme!



Thursday, Oct 13
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (IST)


CSE 3rd Floor LH-1
Saveetha Engineering College Chennai602105