From Code to Cloud: Building Intelligent Solutions

Satyug Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ground Flloor, Seminanr Hall, Chakmajai, 121002

Join us in "From Code to Cloud: Building Intelligent Solutions" for an enriching exploration into Git & GitHub, Cloud, and AI/ML, led by tech industry leaders, Arpan Garg and Ayushi Tiwari. Elevate your coding skills, win exciting swags, and learn to craft intelligent cloud-based solutions.

Apr 13, 3:45 โ€“ 10:15 AM



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About this event

Join us for an insightful and engaging event, "From Code to Cloud: Building Intelligent Solutions", as we delve deep into the spheres of Git & GitHub, Cloud and AI/ML. This engaging session aims at enhancing your knowledge and expertise in these areas, critical for shaping the future of technology. Also, to make things more exciting, we will be distributing exclusive swags.

Our event will be enlightened by the perspectives of renowned industry experts who have significantly influenced the tech community. We are proud to announce our esteemed speakers - Mr. Arpan Garg, the founder of Commudle, a robust knowledge-sharing platform for developers, and Ms. Ayushi Tiwari, an accomplished Associate Software Engineer at RedHat. Their remarkable career journeys and professional experiences will certainly provide practical and enriching insights to all participants.

This session is a perfect blend of theory and practical experiences, shaping your understanding of crucial tech concepts and their real-world applications. You will learn about effective version control, the power of the cloud, and the mind-boggling potentials of AI/ML.

Not only will you acquire valuable knowledge, but there's also a chance to win exciting swags! So, brace yourselves for a riveting tech journey that will take your abilities from simple code to creating intelligent, cloud-based solutions. Register now for this tech extravaganza!


  • Arpan Garg



  • Ayushi Tiwari


    Associate SWE


  • Nikhil Shukla


    GDSC Lead

  • Mohit Maurya


    Technical Management

  • Lawnish Kumar

    Social Management

  • Chirag -


    AI/ML Lead

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