Winter of Code 2.0 - Introductory Session

About this event

We are as excited as you are to start with Winter of Code 2.0 and this introductory session is a step forward for the same. Join us as we present our sponsor prizes, swags, rules of the event, organisations, their projects and your mentors along with guiding you on how to write a proposal by Harsh Bardhan Mishra (GSoC @MetaCall, GSoD @MojaGlobal, MLH Fellow, RedHat Intern, GDSC Lead @Sathyabama University). Joining us will also be Soumi Bardhan, (GSoD @SymPy, GSoD @WeChaty, Summer Analyst @Goldman Sachs, ex-GDSC Lead @IIIT Kalyani) sharing her experiences and talking about open-source. We will also let you know of all the ways you can reach us out, submit queries and ask for help.